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Caring For Your Parents

Funny how things go in circles...... Your parents take care of you until you are old enough to be on your own and when they get “too” old or are unable to be on their own, the tables turn. But where do “you” turn when this happens? QC Home Care Solutions, LLC has some answers for you. QC Home Care Solutions, LLC can provide personal care assistants, homemakers, transportation, and companionship. We can be there for your parents when you can’t be.

We have lots of information about the programs that are available to help financially with their needs. We can help you navigate the enormous amount of information you find on the internet- we know just the right people or agency you need to speak with.

I grew up in a home where my mom took care of everyone – my father, us four kids (all girls and one bathroom – poor dad!) her mother-in-law and later her own mother. At one time or other every one of us kids arrived home to stay awhile after we had already flown from the nest - and she welcomed us with open arms. In all the years my parents were married they had precious little time with just the two of them. By the time they had that time my dad was extremely ill and mom was caring for him. I don’t think she wished she hadn’t taken care of everyone – it was her nature to do that but I do wish they had more time to be together.

When the time came for my mom to have help she did not want to go to an assisted living facility or a nursing home when she became ill. Fortunately, we were able to keep her in her own home with the assistance of an agency. Before the agency came in, my sister and I were trying to do it all. It was exhausting – physically and emotionally. While the other two sisters wanted to help they did not live in the same state as us. We were not prepared to offer all the personal care mom needed, nor were we prepared for how to handle her when she got angry at us because while she needed the help, she did not want it. She hated all the bars in the bathroom, making her bed lower so she could get in and out, eventually the commode by the bed. She always asked when she could get her house back the way she wanted it. Heaven forbid we try to take up the throw rugs so she could walk safely! It takes an enormous amount of patience which can be in short supply after a full day of work and we have husbands who wanted our attention too.

How have you handled taking care of your parents? Do you have any tips to offer? Message us and share your experiences. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Next time, I’ll tell you some of the things you shared and how QC Home Care Solutions, LLC can help you.

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