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Change Your Clocks and Change Your Batteries

Our devices that keep us safe are only as good as the batteries that power them. Most homes have smoke alarms and detectors, and carbon monoxide detectors. but it’s reported that 71% of smoke alarms fail due to missing or dead batteries (are you guilty of pirating batteries from one device for another?).

For myself, I like to schedule set reminder times to keep things in order. A good time to trigger those reminders is when we change our clocks from Standard to Daylight Savings and the reverse, Daylight Savings to Standard which falls on November 6th this year. Here’s a Daylight Savings Checklist of things you might want to remember to do when you change your clocks:

• Change your batteries in the smoke alarms, smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors and any other smart devices in your home.

• Check your flashlights and replace batteries. Winter storms often bring power outages.

• Make sure your propane tanks are full (this is a good time especially after summer BBQing)

• Change your refrigerator water filter.

• Have a Family Safety Plan Night. Create, discuss and rehearse fire safety and emergency preparedness.

• Check your remote control batteries, and any emergency back-up batteries.

• Make sure your transistor radio is working with fresh batteries.

• Change your Atomic Clock batteries and companion batteries in remote receivers.

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